ITM-mebel. Furniture company




Overview: Itm-mebel is a furniture company, which is specializes in sofa beds and pull-out beds.

Brand Strategy: Solid white developed brand identity for contemporary easy and flexible brand of affordable furniture.

In order to "brighten up" company's corporate look the Processing software has been used to generate patterns, which fit in the brand guidelines. The software generates a pattern everywhere the designer moves the cursor on the screen. The designer's input and the code generate random graphics, which reinforce the brand and show its flexibility.

The pattern can be used for staff's business cards, where everyone has a personalized imagery that still fits the brand look. Patterns, applied to the legal documents like general contract, rules of partnership or delivery agreement, may make it easier for sales assistants to recognize or differentiate one document from another. Patterns are useful for merchandise since it can be used as a present for the customer, when he makes a purchase.