IOGO. Advertising Campaign




Overview: Iogo is a lively yogurt brand, focused on providing all natural high quality product to their customers. The company is inspired by their customers and always looking to cater customer's needs. Iogo came up with new flavors and was seeking for a new way of positioning their products.

Brand Strategy:  Based on the target audience research we created persona, who is a married mom with 2 kids and has a diploma in accounting.  She is a stay-at-home mom and always busy doing work around the house and looks after kids. She lives in upper town area in a family house but she also does the majority of the grocery shopping at the local supermarket. She wants a small escape from everyday routine.. She is looking for a quilt-free, low calorie desert and IOGO solves all of these problems since it is healthy desert alternative which offers exotic flavours The metaphoric expression “light as a cloud” was used to convey the qualities of the brand’s product such as low calorie, healthy treat that will make you think you are drinking a pina colada somewhere far away.