Paws Pack


Hold my Paws

Hold my Paws launched a monthly subscription service, which allows the customers to receive all natural treats for their dogs based on the dog's size. Paws Pak is under the umbrella of Hold my Paws Dog Day Care, located on Young and St Clair in Toronto

Brand Strategy:
The main focus of this company are organic ingredients, thus, the overall look conveys the idea of wellness and nature. We took vintage logos from 1890s-1920s as an inspiration. The idea of coming back to the roots(handmade or hand made goods)  correlates with the values of Paws Pak such as sustainability and accountability.  The logo is a hybrid of "new and old" translated into visual. In order to provide the customers with environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle packaging, we decided to use recyclable Kraft bags and apply a stamp to label the product.