Rebranding of the city of Toronto


The city of Toronto.

Cultured and cosmopolitan, Toronto nevertheless manages to remain relaxed, livable, and fun all at the same time. Canada’s center of the arts and media has plenty of pleasant tree-lined streets in Yorkville for window-shopping and wandering; a host of independent galleries in West Queen West with edgy works; big-name music festivals year-round; and an adventurous, constantly evolving food scene. Toronto’s impressive sights may be what pull you in, but its vibrant neighborhoods, artistic happenings, and friendly locals will make you want to return. City grows and changes constantly. Visual representation should convey the actual look and feel of the city.

Branding strategy:

Since Toronto is knows to be a multicultural hub, the circle was used as a symbol of unity and inter connectivity withing the community, which welcomes new comers and their culture. Contemporary look and sans serif font was chosen to enhance forward thinking attitude of the city.