This work explores relationships between our natural identities and "enculturated us."  In other words, we as humans are taught how to speak, behave and think in order to be accepted in the society. Culture and popular media create a define imprint on people's unconsciousness and the way we see ourselves and others in the world.

These cultural and visual references take a part in shaping our identity but it is important to account that their people "behind the scenes" who create influential imagery and context for it. Hollywood is the biggest factory of image production which over the years established its own canons and rules of image and information representation.

The aesthetic choices were driven by the fact that a lot of advertisement are targeting kids and try to make the visuals playful and colorful. This fact is in dialog with the concept of"encultuvation", where our ieas and desires are someone else's input trying to impose a product or a lifestyle with comes with it.