RED. Short fim.

Brand Overview

Brand Identity and Promotional Video for the Dance Project company. The Dance Project incorporates key elements of personal training while being tailor-made for dancers. It is customized to fit your skill level in line with your performance goals.


We used bright colors to communicate company values such as positive attitude, determination and joy. The objective was to showcase the brand as innovative and fresh option for people who are seeking for gym alternatives. Incorporation of typography was a metaphor to famous expression “dance is a poem”, where type is unified with the visual to convey that message. For the owner of the company dancing is not a sport it is absolute freedom and sensation, thus, complimentary vivid green and pink colors where used. In order to convey the nature of dance(motion) we chose a set of visuals to support stationary elements and bring an element of moving picture.Promotional video was created to show the audience the possibilities of training with Dance project by showing one of their choreographed routines.

Target Audience

Young professionals and students, who are cautious about their well being and are interested in modern dance.