What to do In NYC for the New Years Eve?

New York City never sleeps.  There is always a new show, play, exhibition or a restaurant opening. On top of that there are Signature New York Spots one has to visit. Heading to New York for New Years was a challenge: there are too many things to choose from.

Brooklyn Bridge

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Famous New York city landmark which is packed with tourists even when its -20C. Come early to escape the crowds. We arrived around 9 am and where met with crowds of "frozen yogurts"( other tourists) who could not even take pictures. On December 31, 2017 it was so cold: one could not have their hands out for more than 5 minutes. There is one advantage of freezing wether: it makes the air crisp because it  froze the humidity out. My dedication to gorgeous lighting made me stay on the bridge for 45 min taking pictures till my fingers stoped functioning. Then my face was matching my red coat perfectly. It was bloody red. My boyfriend declared that he is not going to Brookly and we went to sad Denny's instead of hip Dumbo.

  • Check out Dumbo in Brooklyn. Its a hip neighbourhood on the other side of Hudson River filled with coffee shops and boutique stores.
  • If you are adventurous adrenaline junkie check out Jane's Carousel with a city sky view.
  • take the famous  IG shoot with Brooklyn bridge as your back drop
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate. The most adorable chocolate store ever
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Neue Galerie New York

Instead of fighting your way into MOMA or Met check out Neue Galerie just around the corner from Met. This Austrian & German art oriented museum has Klimt's famous Lady in Gold or Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I ( proper name of the piece). Stolen by Nazi during the WWII this painting finally returned to the family in 2000s. Over the years Lady in gold became the symbol of Vienna and the law suit to return the paintings to the rightful owner was one of the biggest scandals in the art world. To make the story short,  the niece of the lady depicted in the painting received the art work. This painting was sold for $135 million dollars to Lauder family and now we are all fortunate to enjoy this piece at Neue Galerie.

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If you have been to Broadway you haven't experienced NYC. You can fo to classics: Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Alladin, Chicago or Wicket. We saw all the classics so we went to see "The band's visit" instead. The story is about Egyptian folk band getting lost in a small town of Israel and got involved with the locals. I loved the music but If you have chance, try getting tickets to see "Come From Away". Based on a true story of 9/11, this show will make you believe in humanity and good deeds again. Its very a Canadian show that tells a story of Gander (tiny town in Newfoundland ) who had to accommodate 8 thousand passengers from all over the globe. 

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Celebrate the new year on the Cruise

We decided to celebrate 2018 on a cruise since all the restaurants required $700 per person for NYE dinner. There are many companies which offer dinner cruises but we decided to go with Pier 81.

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